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Horse racing oddity: maintenance crew nearly trampled

Date: August 19, 2004
Track: Del Mar
I’m happy to report no one was hurt. There are two parts to this video. First is a clip of the “head-on” camera shot, which clearly shows three maintenance workers diving as they realize the field is about to trample them. Notice the bucket that they leave [...]

Horse racing oddity: jockey misjudges distance

For some reason I find oddities like this May 16, 2004 race very entertaining. The Hasta la Vista Handicap at Turf Paradise in Arizona is run at what today is an unusually long distance of 1 7/8 miles. This requires two full circuits of the course, rather than the usual one time around [...]

Using Speed Figures when Handicapping Thoroughbred Horses

This e seminar addresses the utility of speed figures in the handicapping process and how they should be applied and interpreted.
Duration : 0:10:33

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How to Handicap Thoroughbred Horse Racing: The Age Factor

Learn the importance of the age of the horse when Handicapping Thoroughbred Horses. www.todaysracingdigest.com
Duration : 0:9:46

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A Thoroughbred/ Horse Racing Tribute

Just like the title says I wanted it to be just a TB tribute because I LOVE them but it turned out to be both which is perfectly fine!!! enjoy!! ^_^
***The R.I.P is for Barbaro!!***
Duration : 0:2:18

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one more California Horse Racing commercial

“unfortunately, some things don’t stay in Vegas…”
Duration : 0:0:29

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Horse racing oddity: starting gate tractor malfunction

It may not have been as exciting as Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, but as Mary Rampelllini reported in the Daily Racing Form:
The featured ninth race at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Ark., on Thursday was declared a no contest after the starting gate was unable to be pulled from the racetrack because of problems with [...]

Thoroughbred Horse Racing Film: The Long Shot (1939) DVD

Superb acting and a heartwarming story make The Long Shot just as enjoyable today as it did in nineteen thirty nine when it became a wildly successful at the box office. Amidst angst, strife, and downright maliciousness, thoroughbred racehorse trainers played by the stellar Gordon Jones and Marsha Hunt are determined to enter their prize [...]

Thoroughbred Horse Racing Art Prints

A tour of what one will find on the website:
Duration : 0:6:31

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