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INVASOR - 2007 Donn Handicap

The 2006 horse of the year returns to the races.
Duration : 0:2:0

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How tall was the Thoroughbred race horse Barbaro?

How many hands high was he? I can't seem to find info on this. Please provide a link to your source, if possible.
The Wikipedia entry on Barbaro doesn't mention how tall he was.
Barbaro was not sent to a "glue factory," nor is he buried and "3 feet tall. " His owners had him cremated and [...]

Michael Pizzolla’s Handicapping Rant: August In Vegas, Closer At Finger Lakes

Michael Pizzolla’s Handicapping Rant
Autumn In Las Vegas, Closer At Finger Lakes
From The Desk Of Michael Pizzolla
Las Vegas, NevadaSeptember 27, 20087:43 AM
Dear Friend:
Autumn this year has a bittersweet taste this year.
The Yankees are not in the post season, and what’s worse is that Yankee Stadium is no more.
My friend of many years, Bob Harris (who is [...]

Horse Racing–The Kentucky Derby Trail Report

Dana from reports on the Kentucky Derby Trail.
Duration : 0:3:43

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Breyer: Secretariat

Now you can own the world-famous Thoroughbred you always wanted with the Breyer: Secretariat. If there can be one horse and one race that defines the sport of Thoroughbred racing, that horse would be the world-famous Secretariat, and the race would be his win at the 1973 Belmont Stakes. Listed on two “Athletes of the [...]

Phar Lap wins the Agua Caliente Handicap- 1932

The great Phar Lap in his one and only international race winning the Agua Caliente Handicap (”Hundred Grander”) in 1932. As history would have it he died tragically days after the race. Many track observers said that they had never seen a horse cover the 2 furlongs of the back straight that Phar Lap does [...]

In your opinion, what thoroughbred race horse was the best ever?

There have been thousands of thoroughbred horses that have raced, but which one stands out the most in your memory and the best ever?
Ther Is Two Many To Name.
A true rarity in racing, an unbeaten horse, Colin won all his 15 starts in 1907 and 1908, including the Belmont Stakes.
Beloved under the nickname "Old [...]

one more California Horse Racing commercial

“unfortunately, some things don’t stay in Vegas…”
Duration : 0:0:29

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The Belmont Stakes Report with Dana Ward

From The Belmont Stakes is a punishing race for any potential Triple Crown winner. The 1-and-a-half mile run is a distance that most horses have never even run, nor will they be asked to run this distance ever again in their racing career. Big Brown will make his third start in 5 [...]


Chapman Digital Presents a no nonsence piece showcasing the dangers of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Jockeys take the mount with Nerves of Steel on every horse race.
Duration : 0:9:56

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